John Lewicke

When John Lewicke ran for the New Hampshire House in 2016, it seemed like the most natural thing for him to do. You see, one of John’s favorite activities is running. If he’s not running for office, he loves to spend his free time running in races and marathons .He’s just the goal-oriented person New Hampshirites need.

John loves to run because he’s someone who values the individual over the group. When his sneakers hit the pavement, he knows he’s in it alone on his way to the finish line. You can expect him to take the same approach to government. He’ll run toward the things he wants, and he’ll run away from the things he doesn’t. And he’ll do it all by himself.

Since his election in 2016, John has repeatedly run away from things like bipartisanship. Other Republicans like Jack Flanagan have a track record of being willing to work with moderate Republicans and Democrats to come up with comprehensive policies that benefit New Hampshirites across the board. Not John Lewicke. If it doesn’t affect him, he’ll run in the other direction. When New Hampshirites say “Bipartisanship,” John Lewicke says “Bye!” and runs in the opposite direction.

How about some bipartisanship on the vote to raise the minimum wage? John Lewicke ran away from that idea. You can look this up for yourself right here on the website of the New Hampshire legislature. On March 9, 2017, when the minimum wage bill came up as Vote #92, Lewicke voted that the bill was “inexpedient to legislate”—an awkward piece of legalese that roughly translates to run away from the issue and shut it down without a debate.

Expanding Medicaid eligibility and coverage? After all, there are 50,000 New Hampshirites who are paying for coverage through this program. John Lewicke made his position clear in this 2016 questionnaire : “I oppose NH’s expanded Medicaid program.” See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

How about paid family and medical leave? Ha! You probably already know how this sad story ends--but you can see the gruesome details for yourself right here on the website of the New Hampshire legislature. Lewicke voted against paid family and medical leave on March 22, 2018, vote #170.

How about the vote to protect transgender New Hampshirites from discrimination? Run, John Lewicke, run! Run away from your constituents.

Passing legislation to be environmentally resp—?Whoa, slow down, buddy! John was gone before we could finish the sentence. But his message was clear : “I oppose the renewable portfolio standard in New Hampshire.”

Although John Lewicke is against political bipartisanship, his mustache remains a luxuriant, even decadent display of left-right symmetry

Dang, John! If there were an Olympic race for running away from tough questions and real issues, you would win the gold medal!

This is part of the fun for John. If he wanted, he could probably be on a relay team with some of the more common-sense (polite word for “sane”) Republicans, but John’s a loner.

While many of his colleagues would be happy to keep funds going to Planned Parenthood, John doesn’t care about sexual health or education . Why should he when he’s busy training for a marathon? “Needed services can be provided by other organizations,” he says. Message to John: Needed legislative services can also be provided by some of the folks running you.

His colleagues or would-be teammates want to create more affordable housing in New Hampshire AND ban conversion therapy for minors . If John’s going to break a sweat on something he cares about, it’s not going to be on those things. Quoth John Lewicke in 2018 , “New Hampshire government does not need to do more to increase the supply of affordable housing.”

You should know that on occasion, runner John has actually stood still. In 1994, John was the leader of a group known as the Watchful American Citizens Organization, or WACO. Some nice folks were gathered for a reenactment of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, and John and his WACO gang decided to crash the reenactment with a protest. Don’t worry, he’s not some sort of lefty anti-war pacifist! No, his problem was the government treated the Branch Davidians in 1993. If you don’t remember who the Branch Davidians were, well, they were a cult based out of a place called…Waco, Texas. Oh right! So that’s what the Watchful American Citizens Organization is all about!

The Branch Davidians killed over 80 of their own members and at least four law enforcement agents. John said the Justice Department’s investigation was a sham and demanded a “real investigation” into the Waco events . All this is to say that John can remain in place for the right reasons: such as stoking the flames of a conspiracy theory, not to mention terrifying a bunch of musket-carrying Redcoats and Patriots.

If you aren’t convinced that John is the runner and sometime-conspiracy theorist you need, ask his friends! Just not his MySpace friends. A visit to his profile will reveal that he doesn’t have any on that platform. Maybe they all ran away after learning the hard way that John Lewicke is only out for his own best interests.

If you want your more reasonable interests addressed or if you simply want someone willing to compromise, then take a look at the other candidates running—or better yet, consider running for office yourself sometime.